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Abstract Background

Build your executive fortress of the future

Posteribus is a boutique consultancy which systematizes client organizations' highest-impact strategic decisions and develops venture strategies uniquely tailored to client organizational DNA, weatherproofing it, for future generations.

What is the value of avoiding losses of poor invest, acquire, expand decisions?
When those costs are exacerbated by follow-on investments driven by cognitive biases, and losses extremely high, what is the value of avoiding that?

We don't just provide expert advice and analysis but develop systems to encode top-level strategy, raising its quality and making it transferrable.


Elevating the quality of top-level decision-making process raises organisations quality of both: investment & operating decisions, maximizing returns.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you not only to identify key areas of opportunity and develop a customized strategy that aligns with your goals but build iterative insights-gathering competence within the organisation.
Not only does it empower the executive team, processes can be multiplied and proliferated across the organisation and generation.

Transforming Decision Making

We go beyond traditional consulting to systematize and streamline top-level decision-making. Gain insights, custom tailored venture strategy and transferable expertise for truly sustainable success.

Future-Proof Your Leadership

We encode strategic expertise making it transferrable to the next generation. Ideal for family offices and  organizations in transition, our services ensure long-term success and continuity with minimal disruption.

Insight Driven Solutions

We create insight hunter teams and curate highest quality insights from client data, ensuring only the most impactful cases reach the executive teams. Make better informed strategic choices with confidence.

Unleash Sectoral Synergy

Leverage your industry- with our process-expertise. Our holistic approach integrates your sectoral insights with systematic framework, driving investment decisions unlocking growth upportunities.

We are a boutique consultancy. Our mission is to raise the quality of your executive team decision-making at the most impactful point.

build iterative insight gathering & curation engines within client organisations, which power our opportunity evaluation framework systematizing invest, acquire or expand decisions, further complemented by a custom-tailored Venture Strategy.


Ideally suited to:

  • Family Offices close to operations transitioning to the next generation

  • Newly established Family Offices, a jump-start to high level of professionalization

  • Large Private Enterprise in transition to the next generation

  • Education of principals in any large-impact decision role.

At Posteribus, we offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services to help large private operators or holdings close to operations, elevate their top-level strategy and support truly sustainable long-term growth.

Our range of services includes:

  • Corporate Governance consulting

    • ESG & Sustainability and

    • Responsible Artifical Intelligence

  • Strategy Consulting, Invest/Acquire/Build

  • Data analysis & insight generating case building curation and training

  • Custom venture strategy design including

    • VCaaS (Venture Capital as a Service)

    • Corporate Venture Capital unit advisory

    • Venture Studio

    • Incubator / Accelerator

    • Investment Committee advisory

    • Tehnical Due Diligence service

Why Choose Posteribus?


Single Family Office
Industry Veterans


Deep Tech Venture Capital
Leader Industry Veterans


Board Room


Corporate Governance Expertise

Transform Your Investment Strategy with Posteribus

Contact us today to learn how we can help you elevate & secure your executive team and achieve sustainable, long-term success.

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